Our Story

Creator and founder Dr. Rosalind Beere:

I started Chi Fit in January 2018 and in my entrepreneurial journey so far I’ve been a lecturer for 15 years and have a PhD in Strategy and I’ve set up a number of businesses over the years but www.chifittea.com came out of a series of events:

I was knocked down in 2015 causing four bulging disc's in my back and after a 20 year addiction to caffeinated sugar free drinks I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and diet. I wanted to start to get healthy but the only problem was I really didn’t like the taste of green tea and I knew it was good for me so I started blending tea in my own kitchen so I could get the health benefits while enjoying delicious flavour.

I blended my own ‘Original Blend’ Tea which has 10 ingredients, including 8 teas and it tastes of a lovely minty freshness. It gives you a great energy boost plus so many other health and fitness benefits. I found an amazing organic producer in Yunnan in South West China who have their own tea mountain and is a family owned business and from there I developed the brand and launched Chi Fit in January 2018 and had my third baby in February 2018.

I chose the Chinese word 'Chi' meaning energy and balance to emphasise the origin and heritage of our ingredients. I then developed 6 more products which launched in September 2018. The environment is important to me so I made sure all the teabags are chemical free and bio-degradable. All the packaging is fully recyclable and all the products are vegan friendly.

I’ve put my heart and soul into this business and every product in the range I blended myself to taste delicious and help you benefit from all the wonderful health and well-being benefits of the premium quality ingredients. I come from an entrepreneurial family so I think it’s in my DNA.

I really hope you love and enjoy our range of products as much as we do. Love Ros xx

All our products can be used to aid slimming in conjunction with our Chi fitness healthy eating program. 


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Any questions please email us at info@chifittea.com or  chifittea@gmail.com

Our postal address is Chi fit tea,  21 Fitzwilliam place, Dublin 2, Ireland